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Terms of Reference


To implement a community based (Northern Manitoba/Saskatchewan) strategy to address STBBIs (sexually transmitted/blood borne infections) and Harm Reduction through education, prevention, treatment, and medical and social supports 



The group shall be open to anyone living in Northern Manitoba/Saskatchewan who has an interest in prevention and education issues related to STBBIs and Harm Reduction.

The group will seek to have representation from communities and sectors within Northern Manitoba/Saskatchewan

Membership will be of three types:

1. Full Membership - includes individuals/organizations who commit a minimum amount of time to the Network.  This would include attendance at meetings and participation in some other type of activity related to the Network.

2. Members at large - includes individuals who do not participate on a regular basis, but continue to receive information from the Network. Minutes from the meetings and special announcements are sent to members at large to keep them informed as to the activities of the Network, allowing them to participate on an “as needed” or relevant basis. This includes continuing to connect and partner with First Nations communities.

3. Project Partners – Theses are individuals/organizations who participate on specific projects.

4. Youth Advisory Committees – includes youth within the region who sit on an advisory committee for the PISN.  This includes the planning, development, and distribution of information, education, resources, and community events planned by youth for their peers. The YAC will meet a minimum of six times per year within the region.

Quorums and Meetings

A quorum shall be a simple majority of the members of the Play It Safer Network. The members present shall constitute a quorum.

 Meetings shall be held on a regular basis (minimum of quarterly) with additional meetings at the call of the Chair.


1) Standing Committees – committees where the work is ongoing from year to year. We will aim to have                              representation from each community on the network and will recruit as necessary. Current Standing Committees        are:

            Website Committee

            Finance Committee

            Youth Advisory Committee

            Fund Raising & Public Awareness Committee 

2) Ad Hoc Committees – committees where the work is self-limited. Ad Hoc committees will be formed for special projects.


  1. To secure funding dedicated to STBBIs and Harm Reduction 
  2. Develop a Public  Awareness Strategy for STBBIs and Harm Reduction information & services
  3. Facilitate STBBI and Harm Reduction education programs
  4. To consult with and develop partnerships among community stakeholders. A stakeholder may include anyone who is at risk for STBBIs. This includes agencies and organizations that provide community services.
  5. To increase community (s) ability to address the issues of STBBIs and Harm Reduction by using an approach that includes all stakeholders in the community. 
  6. To participate in Provincial and National HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and Harm Reduction based organizations
  7. To recruit and maintain members who are actively involved in the network, from different communities in NorMan/NorSask area by creating a supportive environment
  8. To advocate on behalf of or encourage others to advocate individually and systemically


The Officers shall be

  1. Chair/Co-Chair
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. Coordinator

Term of office will be a two-year period. Change on positions will be staggered. 

An attempt will be made to have representation from a variety of communities

Chair/Co-Chair must have representation from a member of a community organization and one member from the Regional Health Authority

Duties of Officers


  1. Review agenda for meetings
  2. Preside at meetings
  3. Act as a signing officer for PISN fundraising account
  4. Act as the primary contact for the group


  1. Keep records of meetings
  2. Ensure meeting minutes are distributed to coordinator in a timely manner


1. Manage PISN fundraising account

2. Act as a signing officer for PISN fundraising account

3. Provide budget reports as requested by the group


1. Act in partnership with the chair as the primary contact for the group

2. Develop meeting agenda

3. Ensure notice of meeting, agenda and minutes are distributed to all members

4. Responsible for overseeing funding & activities involved in MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the NRHA and report to the group

5. Coordinate the activities involved in the Play It Safer Network workplan


Conflict of Interest

Members of the Play It Safer Network are expected to use integrity, impartiality and ethical conduct in carrying out Play It Safer Network business, and to prevent any actual or perceived misconduct, predisposition or conflict of interest.


Network – a connection of individuals and organizations who come together to communicate, provide support, and mutual assistance on prevention and education issues relating to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and STIs

Individual Advocacy – empowers people to act on their own behalf and/or to assist by acting on their behalf for the purpose of enhancing or increasing access to programs and services.  Advocacy is critical in spreading ideas, creating awareness, stimulating understanding and opening the door to action

Systemic Advocacy – attempts to influence outcomes – including public policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic and social systems and institutions that directly affect people’s lives.  It has purposeful results: to gain access and voice in the decision making of relevant institutions; to change power and relationships; and to bring a clear improvement in people’s lives

Harm Reduction – can be defined as a set of strategies and tactics that encourages people to reduce harm to themselves and their communities, through the sharing of relevant information, facts and practical material tools, that will allow them to make informed and educated decisions. It recognizes the competency of their efforts to protect themselves, their loved ones and their communities

(Health Canada, Harm Reduction Considered and Applied)

STBBIs – acronym refers to sexually transmitted, blood borne infections

These Terms of Reference shall be reviewed annually or when requested by network members                               

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The Pas Street Festival Saturday August 20, 2016 Edwards Ave (between Legion and RBC) Love Shack full of information, resources, and condoms Carnival Games for the kids Prizes & Bottled Water Come see us! We'll be located in the Uptown Mall parking lot beside the


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