Self-esteem is how valuable, loveable, worthwhile and skilled we feel – is crucial to accepting, maintaining, and enhancing sexual health. Self-esteem is based on life experiences and personal relationships. It changes over time, depending on life circumstances.

Affirmations For Building Self-Esteem

  1. I am a valuable and important person, and I'm worthy of the respect of others.
  2. I am my own expert, and I allow others the same privilege.
  3. I express my ideas easily, and I know others respect my point of view.
  4. I am aware of my value system and confident of the decisions I make based on my current awareness.
  5. I have a positive expectancy of reaching my goals, and I bounce back quickly from temporary setbacks.
  6. I have pride in my past performance and a positive expectancy of the future.
  7. I accept compliments easily and share my success with others who have contributed to them.
  8. I feel warm and loving toward myself, for I am a unique and precious being, ever doing the best my awareness permits, ever growing in wisdom and love.
  9. I am actively in charge of my life and direct it in constructive channels. My primary responsibility is for my own growth and well being (the better I feel about myself, the more willing and able I am to help others.)
  10. I am my own authority (and I am not affected by negative opinions or attitudes of others.)
  11. It is not what happens to me, but how I handle it, that determines my emotional well being.
  12. I'm a success to the degree that I feel warm and loving toward myself.
  13. No one in the entire world is more or less worthy, more or less important, than I.
  14. I count my blessings and rejoice in my growing awareness.
  15. I am an action person; I do first things first and one thing at a time.
  16. I am warm and friendly toward all I contact; I treat everyone with consideration and respect.
  17. I am kind, compassionate and gentle with myself.

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