What are people feeling when they're angry?

  • Hurt
  • Frightened
  • Frustrated
  • Jealous
  • Embarrassed
  • Insecure
  • Powerless

Your family affects your feelings a lot because you spend a lot of time with them. Some days you may be having a bad day and be in a bad mood, other days one of them may be feeling that way.

What happens if you explode at someone?

  • People get hurt.
  • The problem doesn't go away.
  • You may get it off your chest, but later you feel guilty.

What happens if you keep anger inside?

  • You feel stressed and tense.
  • You stay angry.
  • You may take it out on others.

What is a good way to deal with anger?

  • Even if you always stop and think about the feelings beneath your anger sometimes you may get angry anyway. There are things you an do to let your anger out without hurting yourself or others.
  • Go to a place on your own.
  • Talk,
  • swear,
  • bang a pillow,
  • do something physical - eg Go for a run.
  • Paint/draw a picture
  • Write it down in a letter/journal/poem. (You can tear up the letter if you want)

You can let anger OUT without hurting yourself or others.

To cool down notice the physical feelings of your anger - like your heartbeat. Tense your muscles, then relax them. Take a long, deep breath, hold it, then let it out slowly. Talk with a friend. Think of something that makes you feel good to replace the angry feeling. Let some time pass... Now that you've cooled down again do some thinking about the feelings behind the anger. This really works

Dealing with someone who gets mad at you?

  • Listen to them. Try not to interrupt until they've finished talking.
  • Understand. Try to see it from their view.
  • Stay aware of what is reasonable and what is not true - don't let them bully you with their anger.

Once they've had their say

  • Use 'I' statements to say how you feel.
  • Remind them that you gave them a chance if they won't let you talk.
  • Say you're sorry if you think you were in the wrong.
  • Ask 'What can I do to make this better?'
  • Talk about ways to resolve the problem.
  • Stay with the subject. Don't start blaming them for things they may have done in the past.

Some people show their anger by threatening or hurting you. Their anger has now turned into violence. Violence is not OK ever. It is a crime and the person should not be allowed to get away with it.

People whose anger to get their own way are bullies. A bully can be anyone - a member of your family, someone your own age, a stranger, or someone you thought was a friend. You should never have to do anything because you're afraid of someone.

For more information go to:

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Flin Flon     204-687-1771

The Pas     204-627-8140

Creighton Alcohol & Drug Addiction Centre (CADAC Outpatient Centre)

403 Main Street     Creighton SK     306-688-8291

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