What can you do if you're being bullied?

You can do something about being bullied. Bullying makes a person feel lousy - frightenedand like a piece of nothing. The sooner you stop feeling like this the better you'll feel about yourself. You'll feel more relaxed and safer.

Tell someone you trust now for help and support (a teacher you trust or your school counsellor, older friend, parents). Make it clear to them that it is a real problem for you and something must be one about it. Keep telling people until something is done.

Don't be worried about telling someone about being bullied. It's not your fault. Telling someone is the best way of sticking up for yourself there is.

Don't think you'll get into worse trouble with the person (or people) who are hassling you. When you talk to someone it means you're not alone any longer, and you can think of ways to overcome the problem together.

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